Christine Milne features in Patagonia’s Roaring Journal

This week, Patagonia Australia featured an article by Christine Milne in their online ‘Roaring Journal’. In her article, Christine reminisces on how Lake Pedder’s flooding inspired her activism and delivers an urgent plea to restore this submerged treasure.

‘There are times in our lives when momentous events occur and you remember where you were and how you felt at the time and the feeling never leaves you. I was an eighteen year old University student when I learned that the Tasmanian Government had approved the drowning of Lake Pedder, the globally renowned jewel of our South West Wilderness. I couldn’t believe it would disappear under the impoundment created by the damming of the Gordon, Serpentine and upper Huon Rivers, but it did. I decided then and there that I would never stand by and allow the excesses of hydro industrialisation to destroy our wilderness again and that is why I joined the blockade to save the Franklin River. ‘

To view the full article, visit

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