An ancient, ice-sculpted landscape

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Lake Pedder—situated in south-west Tasmania – was the jewel in the wilderness, a magnificent, untouched natural formation that instilled wonder in all who had the good fortune to experience this spiritual place.

The flooding of Lake Pedder in 1972 for a relatively minor hydro-electric scheme created an international environmental furore. In the summer of 2021-22 it will be fifty years since the water of the Serpentine impoundment swallowed Lake Pedder’s wide pink-white quartzite beach.

In recognition of the lake’s remarkable values and its timeless appeal, the case for the waters to be drained and the lake restored to its natural splendour continues to be made—and  still resonates with Australians of all ages. In the midst of the global climate change and biodiversity emergency, we need symbols of hope and powerful examples of ecological restoration to turn the tide on destruction and align with our values that wilderness and nature are integral to our existence. It is time to uncover and restore the jewel of Tasmania.

The call to Restore Pedder

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The movement to restore Lake Pedder is one of Australia’s longest running environmental campaigns and is recognised as the initial movement that resulted in the formation of the world’s first Green political party. Its members include legends from the environment movement, from academia, wilderness photographers and bushwalkers.

Restoration is envisaged as a national project—funded nationally, located in Tasmania, drawing on the skills and enthusiasm of all Australians, and benefiting all Australians.

It would attract a great deal of positive international attention to Australia and demonstrate that Australians are willing to make major environmental investments for their future and can undo mistakes of the past.

We invite you to take a look at this Paddle for Pedder…

Lake Pedder Restoration Incorporated, co-convened by Christine Milne and Todd Dudley, are pleased to invite you to help us bring this ancient landscape back to life. You can help by:

Restoration of the original Lake Pedder is possible.

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