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Olegas Truchanas Film Night – 20th May 2020

315 people joined us in a very special virtual screening of Olegas Truchanas original Lake Pedder slideshow. Originally the slideshow was presented in the 60’s with the intent to raise awareness of the largely unknown ‘empty quarter’ (Tasmania’s South-West Wilderness), rallying public support to save Lake Pedder. Olegas, with the assistance of Ralph Hope-Johnstone, set the slides to Fredrick Delius’s tune ‘Brigg Fair’ and presented it to packed town hall’s across the state. Our 2020 virtual screening was as emotive and inspiring as those in the 60’s. Bob Brown and Christine Milne presented the evening, which included reflections on the ‘Save Pedder’ campaign’s inception from Dr Bob Walker and Karen Alexander, two key campaigners from then to the present. Another enormous thank you must be given to Melva Truchanas and her family for so generously allowing the screening, and their enduring support of the campaign. The night’s donations totaled over $7000! Funds raised will be used to support the rapidly growing campaign as we prepare to enter the UN’s decade of ecological restoration.

2020 Paddle for Pedder Video Launch – 22nd April 2020 (Earth Day)

For the 50th celebration of Earth Day, the Restore Pedder community came together, virtually, to launch the 2020 Paddle for Pedder clip and recent footage taken of the original beach, still in tact, 15m below the impoundment surface. Following this a short Q&A session was held with Christine Milne and expedition leaders Andy Szollosi and Gordon Henry along with film makers Rob Blakers and Lykke Olsen.

2020 Paddle for Pedder – March 1st 2020

Image – Rob Blakers

Paddling for the Restoration of Lake Pedder; eleven kayakers embarked on a 25km return trip to the site of the original lake, where they raisied a banner over the submerged beach, calling for restoration of Lake Pedder and the surrounding environs. A slightly larger group of Paddlers undertook a shorter 8km trip around Scotts Peak.

Meanwhile, at the Pedder Wilderness Lodge, 20+ restoration supporters gathered for a ‘Walk and Talk’ with Restore Pedder co-convenors Christine Milne and Todd Dudley, who were joined in discussion by visiting US eco health academic James Arson and restoration ecologist Dr Anita Wild.

Click here to view the full press release, gallery and reflections.

ROV Submersible mission to original Lake Pedder – 20th Feb 2020

In February a team visited the Pedder impoundment, sending a Remote Operated Vehicle submersible 14 meters into the dark waters below, to the site of the original Lake Pedder.

Pieces of quartzite, which defined the geologically iconic beach, are still visible through a thin layer of sediment, while the root system of the scrub along the eastern shore has, remarkably, held the dune system in place to survive inundation nearly 50 years ago.

‘Lake Pedder – journey to restoration’ Exhibition & Auction – Sidespace Gallery 29 Oct – 4 Nov 2019  

Over the course of the week more than 400 people visited the exhibition, as well as the many more who attended the numerous associated panels and auction with helped raise $20,000k for the campaign. The Sidespace Galleries walls were adorned with emotive, mystical images, photos, paintings and media clippings of lost heart of Tasmania’s South-West Wilderness, Lake Pedder.Pieces came from an impressive range of famed Tasmanian artists: Olegas Truchanas, Patricia Giles, Margaret Forsyth, Max Angus, Elspeth Vaughan, Ralph Hope-Johnstone with Diane Masters, Philip England, Andy Szollosi, David R. Blühdorn, Steven Crump and Dan Broun.

The exhibition was a momentous event for the campaign, demonstrating the rapid growth of community support behind restoring Lake Pedder.

Revisit the exhibition online here

Pedder Pub Talk: Why Pedder, Why Now – Ferntree Tavern 26 September 2019

Image - Tabatha Badger

A bustling and inquisitive crowd at the Fern Tree tavern shared in learning the practicalities of restoring Pedder, the campaign history and that of the Hydro. With insights and knowledge from a formidable panel; Bob Brown, Christine Milne, Chris Harries and Dr Anita Wild. The night MC’d by Leanne Minshull. Re-watch the discussion here.

Chuffed Fundraiser – $20,000 raised during September 2019

WildMinds ‘Saving the Earth:Next Steps’ – WildIsland, 21 August 2019

Restore Pedder Project officer Jessica Robbins join Millie Rooney at Wild Island speaking on progressive collaboration to help shape a sustainable thriving future on earth – watch their inspiring discussion here.

Paddle for Pedder – 22nd April 2019 (Earth Day!)

Inclement South West weather tested a dozen kayakers on the inaugural Paddle for Pedder. Paddling 25km return to the location of the submerged Lake Pedder and its iconic beach the intrepid crew lifted the ‘Restore Pedder’ banner over the sacred site as the campaign and community support to the restoration of Pedder, and her surrounding environs, grows amid climate and biodiversity crisis’s.

Pozible Crowd Funder – $30,000 Raised during March 2019

From the Film Night through to mid March the committee ran a highly successful crowdfunder, raising funds (and growing support) enabling the restoration committee to commence engaging with experts (scientific, legal, hydrologists and engineers) in the first steps of compiling the restoration management plan.

Restore Pedder Film Night – State Cinema, 27 February 2019

A sold out crowd celebrated the launch of the ‘Restore Pedder’ campaign. Thanks to the support from Patagonia the crowd enjoyed a special screening of ‘Dam Nation‘ followed by Q&A with campaign co-convenors Christine Milne and Todd Dudley, secretary Bob Brown and restoration ecologist Dr Anita Wild.