Tribute to Elspeth Hope-Johnstone OAM

“To circumambulate the lake in summer, walking its beaches and wading the outflowing Serpentine River, was an eight mile walk with magnificent and changing scenery, botanical specimens and Pedder pennies in situ. It was a safe and stimulating place for young and old. The experience of the real Lake Pedder was spiritual, aesthetic and emotional in any weather conditions. So I put every effort that I could into demonstrating against its flooding by showing pictures of it to the public. In 1971, I thought I’d help by having an exhibition to show Lake Pedder off and get people’s tempers aroused to build more momentum to help demonstrate along side us and save the place. I knew I would cry about it being drowned.”

Mid the global ‘lock down’, a dispersed celebration of Elspeths life took place, ‘apart but together’, on Sunday 29th March. Bob Brown provided an eulogy which you can view at  Password : elspeth 

Tributes to a dear friend, artist and photographer

Tribute from Bob Brown

Melva Truchanas’s memories of Elspeth

Tributes from friends & the community

Lake Pedder Beach by Elspeth Vaughan

Help make Elspeth’s wish to restore Lake Pedder come true
You can make a donation to Lake Pedder Restoration in memory of Elspeth Hope-Johnstone via electronic funds transfer, cheque or leave a bequest

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Printed in The Mercury on 27 March 2020.