Remembering Pedder

The story of Lake Pedder lies nearly forgotten beneath the tannin stained waters of Southwest Tasmania. If we are to remember it, we must evoke the memories of the Elders, who knew the Lake before her transformation. Only the Elders may understand the true value of what we have lost. Some of them have passed from this life, but even so, memories of them remain, and their spirits live on in our thoughts and in our dreams. If we can awaken memories of the Elders, we may also awaken a vision in which the restoration of Lake Pedder becomes possible.

This story on Olegas Truchanas, written by Andy Szollosi, is the first of a series of articles about those people who have shaped and been shaped by the Pedder story. Click here to read the full article.

Portrait of Olegas – Ralph Hope-Johnstone

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