2 thoughts on “Campaign newsletter

  1. Hello,

    Thanks so much for all the effort you are going to to hopefully have Lake Pedder restored one day soon. I was just wondering what size the $500 Dombrovski image is? Thanks again!

    Kind Regards,

    Dr Will McLoughlin BAppSc(Myo), BAppSc(Chiro), MClinChiro

    Launceston Chiropractic 1 Cypress Street, Newstead, 7250 P – 63318898 | F – 63313848 http://www.launcestonchiropractic.com.au



    • Hi William, I assume you mean the Truchanas image?
      It’s an A4 image + extra dimensions for frame size (not sure at this stage what the frame dimensions will be)
      Thanks for you interest!


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