Building on the existing ecology reports and mapping, that have investigated the restoration of Lake Pedder, the upcoming BioBlitz weekend is an opportunity for you and the community to be part of this exciting process, learning about the natural environment, assessing the risks and opportunities in restoration and to have fun with a group of fantastic people!

Across the weekend of October 1st to 2nd, 2022, there will be a series of survey sessions around priority sites which are easily accessible (and scenic) and 2 remote survey teams; one of bushwalkers, one in kayaks.

The Lake Pedder BioBlitz will also be run as an early instalment of the Great Southern BioBlitz, mapping biodiversity in the southern hemisphere using iNaturalist. Not only will our work be helpful for Lake Pedder, it will be part of a critical global environmental snapshot amidst the biodiversity crisis.

Please complete the short form below to let us know what aspects of the BioBlitz, and when, you’d be keen to participate in.

The event schedule, and participating science and ecology experts, will be released in early August.

Our inaugural BioBlitz has been made possible thanks to the incredible support of Highways and Byways. Be sure the check out their incredible community work in healing the land and healing ourselves here.