Friends of Lake Pedder mourn passing of Max Angus

Lake Pedder Restoration and friends of Lake Pedder throughout the world are mourning Max Angus, who passed away in late February, aged 102.

Max was a regular visitor to Lake Pedder from the early 1950s. He worked strenuously to save Lake Pedder before it was inundated, using his skills as an artist and a communicator to try to persuade decison makers and the broader community of the need to preserve this unique and remarkably beautiful landscape.

Following the inundation of Pedder, Max continued to raise awareness, through his own paintings and by writing and publishing The World of Olegas Truchanas, which celebrated the life and achievements of his great friend, photgrapher Olegas Truchanas.

He continued to paint Lake Pedder from memory until the end of his life and many of his paintings, along with his recollections of the struggle to save the lake are to be found in his last book, Pedder: The Story – The Paintings, published in 2008.

Max has been featured in newspaper articles many times over the years, always finding a new way to express his passion for Lake Pedder and his hope that it would one day be restored. A fine article about Max, written with affection by Linda Smith, appeared in The Mercury on October 4, 2014 – see Max Angus celebrates 100th birthday.

Max Angus – self portrait

Max Angus – self portrait

A personal tribute to Max that demonstrates his commitment to the natural environment and his skill as an advocate for it was published in Tasmanian Times by Senator Peter Whish-Wilson.

A Celebration of Max’s life will take place at the Turnbull Funeral Parlours, 71 Letitia Street
North Hobart, at 11.30am on Tuesday 7th March, 2017.

Max Angus in 1984, launching Doug Lowe’s book The Price of Power

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