Lake Pedder restoration visualisation wins award

The Lake Pedder – from Inundation to Restoration visualisation has won an award for Research and Communication in Landscape Architecture at the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA), NSW Chapter Awards. The visualisation was commissioned by the Lake Pedder Restoration Committee (LPRC) and presented publicly at an event held at MONA in July 2013.

Corkery Consulting delivered the realisation and detail level design of the visualisation, and they submitted it as an entry in the 2013 AILA NSW Awards.

The citation reads:

The Lake Pedder – from Inundation to Restoration visualisation illustrates the balance that can be achieved between environmental, social and economic values. The story of inundation and proposed restoration of Lake Pedder is presented simply but efficiently in the visualisation, drawing on the visual skills of the landscape architects involved.

To view the visualisation, click here. Note: This version of the visualisation was made after the MONA event. It has music rather than a scripted voice over and includes some minor improvements in timing and captioning to the version presented at MONA.


For further information:

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