The Pedder Experience

A visitor standing on the pink quartzite beach of Lake Pedder, looking outward across the lake, was easily affected.

Clues to Australia’s glaciated past literally loomed large as the Frankland Range—like Tasmania’s other ice-sculpted icons such as Cradle Mountain—dominated the skyline.

Cradled beneath, Lake Pedder’s watery skin could be mirror-like during a calm summer’s day—or ruffled with high wave-crests several hours’ later as a Roaring Forties’ storm approached from the west. Changing weather was a constant.

From bushwalkingcamping to water activities, a day or extended visit to Lake Pedder was an experience where the senses could be lulled by something tangibly ancient.

For the less strenuous, visitors turned to photography and painting that included flora and fauna.

Unquestionably, these experiences await new generations when Lake Pedder shines as an ‘eye to the universe’.