Bob Brown’s ‘Lake Pedder’

“Lake Pedder” is a digitised copy of Bob Browns celebrated 1985 publication. The first print run sold out immediately, so a second edition, slightly shorter version, was then produced.

In marking the 50th year since Lake Pedders inundation Bob Brown has generously given all Restore Pedder supporters, inquisitive minds and those who simply enjoy admiring images if Tasmania’s most unique wild places, an opportunity to download a PDF version of his newly digitised book. All we ask is you donate what you perceive the book is worth, to the exciting, growing Restore Pedder campaign.

‘Lake Pedder’ presents a diversity of photographs and includes the emotive essay by Kevin Kiernan ‘I saw my temple ransacked’. The publication providing the inspiration as it was intended to back in the 1980’s, and that reason remains why Bob has made this valuable book available to all once again; “so that many more people may enjoy these photographs – and to hasten the day the calls are heeded and the lake is restored to its natural splendour”

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