Daring to dream – TasWeekend article on Lake Pedder restoration

The cover story and feature article in the Hobart Mercury’s TasWeekend magazine on 14 May 2016 was entitled Daring to dream – what would it take to restore Lake Pedder?

see article here


As part of her extensive research for the article, TasWeekend staff writer Sally Glaetzer travelled to Strathgordon on a very wet 1 May, with Lake Pedder Restoration members Peter Fagan, Adam Beeson, Stephen Curtain and Chris Holliday when they took LPRI’s engineering consultant Richard Prince to the region for a site visit.

LPRI is delighted with the article, which provided fair coverage of our point of view as well as seeking other opinions and obtaining comments from Hydro Tasmania and Premier Will Hodgman.

LPRI is pleased to learn that Will Hodgman’s “door is open to the Lake Pedder Restoration group” and we hope to arrange a meeting with the Premier soon.

We are also pleased that Sally and TasWeekend’s superbly produced article included in full colour some of the marvellous images that we have been gathering for our new web site from lovers of Lake Pedder.

Also of great value in terms of public understanding are the before and after maps, skilfully created by The Mercury’s graphic artists, that demonstrate how a reconfiguration of the Middle Gordon power scheme would allow Lake Pedder to be restored while the power scheme continued to operate.

Please take time to read this highly informative and superbly presented article.

2 thoughts on “Daring to dream – TasWeekend article on Lake Pedder restoration

  1. I strongly recommend that as part of your campaign you stress the Outstanding Universal Value of a restored Lake Pedder. Lake Pedder’s internationally significant values can be related to the various criteria under which the Tasmanain Wilderness World Heritage Area (of which Lake Pedder and the surrounding area forms a part of) was placed on the World Heritage List. A restored Lake Pedder will also have immense cultural significance in being one of the few places in the world where a revaluation has corrected a past major mistake. Amongst the aspects worth mentioning are summer visits to the area by the traditional owners and William Piguenit’s iconic 1874 painting of Lake Pedder. It was paintings of this kind that awakened interest in the scenery of Western Tasmania.


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