LPRI remembers Tom Uren

Lake Pedder Restoration Incorporated is saddened by the death of Tom Uren, a leading figure in the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party in the Whitlam era.

Tom was environmental spokesman before Labor came to power in 1972 and fully appreciated the value of Lake Pedder, the threat it was under and the modest, practical measures that could have saved it.

His account of events and his own actions, from his splendid and highly recommended autobiography Straight Left (Random House Australia, 1994), is reproduced here.


For the rest of his life, Tom regretted the failure of the Whitlam government to do what was possible and needed to save Lake Pedder, and was unwavering in his support of the LPRC and its work.

In February 2009, Tom participated in an event to celebrate publication of the book Pedder: The Story. The Paintings by Max Angus, at gleebooks, Sydney. Over 200 people attended this event at which Peter Thompson chaired a panel featuring Tom Uren, Geoffrey Cousins and Helen Gee in a discussion of Lake Pedder and other Tasmanian environmental struggles.

The LPRC pauses to remember a great Australian, a defender of the environment, a friend of Pedder and a man of peace. We extend our sympathies to his family and his many close friends.

The Sydney Morning Herald published an extensive obituary of Tom Uren by Tony Stephens.

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