Lake Pedder restoration visualisation wins national award

The Lake Pedder – from Inundation to Restoration visualisation has won a National Award for Research and Communication at the 2014 Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) National Awards. The visualisation was commissioned by Lake Pedder Restoration Incorporated (LPRI) and presented publicly at an event held at MONA in July 2013.

Corkery Consulting delivered the realisation and detail level design of the visualisation, and submitted it as an entry in the 2014 AILA National Awards. It had previously won a Research and Communication in Landscape Architecture award at the 2013 AILA NSW Chapter Awards.

The citation for the national award reads:

In 1972 the pristine Lake Pedder with its beautiful beach was flooded, despite international condemnation, to create a massive dam for the Tasmanian hydro-electric scheme. It was a hugely significant event in the history of environmental activism in Australia. In recent years however the demand for hydroelectric power has dropped such that it has now become feasible to restore the lake. Initial attempts by Lake Pedder Restoration Incorporated (LPRI) to explain the complex process were hindered by the lack of simple and clear illustrations.

Corkery Consulting were originally engaged to produce a slide presentation but, using their advanced graphic skills, were able to work with LPRI to produce the Lake Pedder—from Inundation to Restoration animated visualisation which shows the history of the damming and the potential methodology for this to be reversed.

The landscape architects have succeeded admirably in their task of illustrating the balance that can be achieved between environmental, social and economic values.

To view the visualisation, click here. Note: This version of the visualisation was made after the MONA event. It has music rather than a scripted voice over and includes some minor improvements in timing and captioning to the version presented at MONA.

To view the version presented by LPRI at MONA in July 2013, click here.

For further information on the latest award:

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