‘Restore Pedder – our wild heart’

Friday night a crowd gathered to lend an ear to the tales from the mobilised next generation of Pedder campaigners, adventurers and photographers; Dan Broun, Andy Szollosi, Tabatha Badger and Lou Balcombe. Although none are old enough to have had the good fortune of strolling the pink quartzite sands of Pedder’s famed beach, they each possess a tangible connection to and respect for Lake Pedder.

The room was brimming with uplifting optimism, knowing that the campaign to Restore Pedder can be the global catalyst for turning the tide on destruction and begin to restore and reconcile with the natural world.  In a time when every wild corner of Tasmania is under threat from one form or another of industrialisation, countless campaigns for vital protection, urgent conservation and preservation fight for our time and energy, these young adventurers collectively draw on the reality that miraculously Lake Pedder is still physically exists and practically can be restored.