‘Opening Reception’

The warm official opening reception for the much anticipated ‘Journey to Restoration Exhibition and Auction’ was a buzz with friends, lifelong, old and new, excitedly chatting and admiring the enormous array of rare works, each powerfully showcasing the mystic beauty of the heart of Tasmania’s South-West,  Lake Pedder.

Restore Pedder co-convenor Christine Milne opened proceedings, recapping the recent growth in the campaign and rousing progress towards the management plan and government agreement for restoration, while Dr. Bob Walker spoke of the campaigns humble beginnings that shaped the world’s first green political presence.

Talented composer and performer Stephen Crump debuted his classical, piece inspired by Pedder, ‘Unbroken’ dedicated to Restore Pedder co-convenor and political activist Christine Milne.

The music filled the room, gallery acoustics echoing over a captivated audience. Scratchy, rustic video visuals from a Cessna soaring over winding serpentine valley to a lake with a herringbone pattern, tannin stained shore and glistening beach, transporter the rooms occupants to another place: Lake Pedder.

A comradery of all present grew with the anticipation to restore Pedder. The rousing reception concluding on Bob Brown’s auspicious call to action “Lake Pedder will be restored.”