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Australia. Parliament. House of Representatives. Report of Standing Committee on Environment, Recreation and the Arts. Inquiry into the Proposal to Drain and Restore Lake Pedder.

The report was tabled 26 June 1995 and is Parliamentary Paper Number 113/1995.

The Standing Committee was in existence 1987-1998.

The report is still available on the Parliament of Australia website but you may have difficulty finding it. A scanned copy (118 pages, file size 4.9 MB) can be viewed or downloaded at house_reps_committee_report_lake_pedder_1995.

Please note that the report is now 20 years old and the positions of some of the parties involved may have changed.

The Future of Lake Pedder – Interim ReportCommonwealth Government’s Lake Pedder Enquiry Report The Future of Lake Pedder’ was first printed in an interim format for the Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra. This book, which includes that report was published by the Lake Pedder Action Committees throughout Australia in September 1973.

The Proceedings of 1995 Hobart University of Tasmania Symposium, edited by Chris Sharples.

Pedder 2000 Campaign SubmissionPedder 2000 submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Environment and Heritage Inquiry into the proposal to restore Lake Pedder.

Dr Andrew Blakers SubmissionSubmission and Supplementary Submission to Lake Pedder Inquiry by Dr Andrew Blakers, Senior Research Fellow, Engineering Department, The Australian National University.

Dam Financing in TasmaniaDr Andrew Blakers’ Analysis (1995).