Articles & scholarly papers

Crowley, Kate. Imagining Pedder: Past loss as future hope. Island Magazine, Issue 80/81, Spring/Summer 1999/2000.

Mocatta, Gabi. Pilgrimage to Pedder, Australian Geographic, Issue 72, Oct-Dec 2003.

Featured the story of the 30th anniversary commemorative walk and the placing of a time capsule onto the submerged shores of Lake Pedder. This article includes some superb photographs, including a view of Lake Pedder from the Frankland Ranges taken by Peter Dombrovskis.

Books + films

Johnson, Dick. Lake Pedder: Why a National Park Must be Saved. 1972

Dick Johnson’s statement of the case for saving Lake Pedder; contains superb photographs and an explanation and a clear diagram of an alternative configuration of the Middle Gordon power scheme that would have allowed Lake Pedder to be saved.

The Future of Lake Pedder. Report of Lake Pedder Committee of Enquiry June 1973. 1973

Report commissioned by the Australian Minister for the Environment and Conservation, The Hon. Moss Cass, which recommended a moratorium to the flooding of Lkae Pedder, during which alternatives could be sought.

The book version, published by the Lake Pedder Action Committee in September 1973, contains superb photographs as well as the report. The report itself provides explanations and clear diagrams of two alternative configurations of the Middle Gordon power scheme that would have allowed Lake Pedder to be saved.

Angus, Max. The World of Olegas Truchanas. 1975

Thompson, Peter. Power in Tasmania. 1981

Classic study of how the Hydro-Electric Commission came to achieve extraordinary influence over Tasmania, economically and politically.

Southwell, Les. The Mountains of Paradise, 1983.

Brown, Bob. Lake Pedder. 1985

Angus, Max. Pedder. The Story. The Paintings. 2008

Reproductions of many of Max Angus’ paintings of Lake Pedder along with an essay by him addressing his love for Lake Pedder and experiences there, his account of how the lake came to be flooded and his hopes for its restoration.

Millwood, Scott. Whatever happened to Brenda Hean? 2008

An investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Tasmanian environmental campaigner, Brenda Hean who, in September 1972, left Hobart in a tiger moth aircraft piloted by Max Price. They were flying to Canberra to write ‘Save Lake Pedder’ across the sky above Parliament House and to meet with government officials in an attempt to gain federal political support for their campaign. The plane was sighted several times as it made its way across the island but it never reached its destination. Neither the plane nor its passengers were ever seen again.

Cica, Natasha. Pedder dreaming: Olegas Truchanas and a lost Tasmanian wilderness. 2011.

Sims, Peter C. Lake Pedder: the awakening. 2012

Peter Sims traces the history of the campaign to save Lake Pedder from the perspective of the conservationists in north and north west Tasmania. His book contains a wealth of information and high quality photographs, many in colour.