Brenda Hean Tribute Flight

“The real driving force behind the Lake Pedder Action Committee was Brenda Hean…she always raised Lake Pedder, and they said ‘It’s nothing to do with us.’ But she said ‘Yes it is, because it’s your conscience.”

Dick Jones 1981

50 year Commemoration of Lake Pedder campaigner Brenda Hean: September 8th 2022.

The tigermoth tribute flight, marking 50 years since the lives of Brenda Hean & pilot Max Price were lost, when the pair disappeared without trace in Max’s Tiger Moth on 8 Sept 1972 before reaching Flinders Island, en route from Hobart to Canberra to sign write “Save Lake Pedder” over the national parliament. The disappearance remains one of Australia’s unsolved mysteries.

The 2022 tribute flight will follow a similar route intended by Brenda and Max, to complete what the set out to achieve with a contemporary twist; flying above Canberra signing ‘Restore Pedder’.

“Millie” – a beautifully-restored 1941 De Havilland Tiger Moth which takes commercial joy rides from its base at Cressy Aerodrome (near Colac, Victoria) – will do approx 2-hr legs from Hobart to Canberra over 2 days.  Accompanying aircraft are being sought for utmost safety.

Dick Friend, event organiser

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As one of the earliest campaigners attempting to save the lake, Brenda was a pivotal player in the founding of the United Tasmania Group (UTG), the worlds first green political party. The campaigners planned having a parliamentary presence to see the Pedder debate was properly investigated. Brenda stood as one of the UTG’s first candidates. But despite their promising polling figures the UTG failed to secure a seat. And so the dam flood waters kept creeping higher over Lake Pedder.

On the 8th September 1972, in the largest leap of the campaign, Brenda was to be flown by pilot Max Price in his old Tiger Moth aircraft from Hobart to Canberra where they intended to sky-write “Save Lake Pedder” over the nation’s capital, and where Brenda would lobby federal politicians over the issue.

They never made it.

The case remains an unsolved mystery littered with suspicious circumstances including evidence the hanger where the tiger moth was kept had been broken into the night before the fateful flight, and a suspicious phone call Brenda received; “Mrs Hean, how would you like to go for a swim?”

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50 years after Pedder’s flooding the the cause for restoring this global icon is growing, the dams impounding the waters above Pedder are reaching their lifespan and 2021-2030 is the UN decade of ecosystem restoration a timely window of opportunity is upon us. We can restore Lake Pedder

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